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Background of the event



The third Industrial wave


The third Industrial wave is a profound institutional innovation and transition. The first industrial

wave created the ‘steam era’. While the second wave brought human beings into the 'electric age'.

Now a day, a new generation of information technology, biotechnology, new energy, new materials,

industrial intelligent manufacturing technology and a series of significant technology breakthroughs,

will make the whole production system to a whole new level. The scientific and technological progress

and innovation are now pushing the global revolution of industrial production methods and lifestyles,

which indicates that we are entering the third wave.


The main technology innovation


- Information technology represented by cloud computing and big data

- Intelligent manufacturing technology represented by robot and 3D print

- Energy technology represented by renewable energy, shale gas technology and smart grid

- New material technology represented by carbon fiber and graphite

- Modern biotechnology represented by genetic engineering


The nature of third wave is a combination of industrial internet of new materials, new energy,

new manufacturing, and new biotechnology.



From industrial manufacturing to industrial intelligent manufacturing


The future manufacturing industry will transfer to the global manufacturing, flexible manufacturing,

green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and service manufacturing. Meanwhile, there will

also be a major change in the mode of production.


Networked manufacturing. Through the collaborative manufacturing of Internet and the promotion of

digitization and virtual industrial cluster. We can finally realize socialization of production. Through

internet, multinational enterprises could decomposed product value chain into supporting enterprises

in different countries. The production process will be completed efficiently by many enterprises

worldwide. Enterprises could maintain close contact across the boundary.


Intelligent Manufacturing

The whole production process consists of a new sensor, intelligent control system, robot, and

automatic production line. Manufacturing system had changed from past energy driven to modern

information driven. The future factory will be controlled by robot and intelligent software. Computer

can imitate the production system in the virtual environment.


Flexible manufacturing

Due to the adoption of new materials, new production technology, easy operational robot, and the

popularity of online collaborative manufacturing service, the cost of product design and modification

will be greatly reduced. A reconfigurable manufacturing system composed of rearrangement and repeated

use subsystems, makes the enterprises can change the production processes timely according to customers'

demand. Finally, enterprises can realize flexible production, global dynamic optimization and high efficiency.


Green manufacturing

3D printing and other rapid prototyping technologies will enable the fast reaction of prduction change

without holding large inventories.


Servitization manufacturing

Production has transferred from traditional product manufacturing, to products service and overall product



Industrial made will likely break through large-scale and low cost flow production mode, and also differ

from the high cost customization, which will achieve a balance between different products and production




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