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Post Show Report

General Situation

According to the Statistics from CheckPalm EGPMS and the registration center, the total

number of visitors amounted to 7,000+;



Analysis of the basic audience information


The analyses of the basic audience information were made up of four parts: distribution of the

audience’s positions, distribution of the audience’s departments, distribution of the audience’s

locations or Nationalities.


The data analysis of this is automatically generated by NETSHOW system and the details of the data

can be accessed in VISBASE, a software used for inquiry of audience data.


          1. Distribution of the number of the audience every day





          Statistics Analysis of Questionnaire


          1. Your job function



          2. Type of Industry



          3. Your Position in Purchasing



          4. Product/Technology interested in



          5. How did you come to know about the show?



          6. Will you participate / visit AVIONICHINA 2016?



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