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Visitor Profiles



Commercial aircraft manufacturers (fixed and rotary wing)

Commercial/Military Aircraft maintenance & repair

Military aircraft manufacturers (fixed and rotary wing)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) manufacturers

Launch vehicle manufacturers

Space vehicles and satellite manufacturers

Engine/Propulsion manufacturers + component supplier

Landing gear manufacturers

Avionics systems and component manufacturers

Structures & Structural component manufacturers

Mechanical/electro-mechanical component manufacturers

Materials manufacturers - metals, super alloys and composites

Computing/electronic and electrical systems and components manufacturers

Software suppliers

Fluid power systems suppliers

Airlines/commercial air transport (inc. Business, Cargo & Regional)


Military and Government aviation operators

Defense material organisations

Design Houses/Design & prototyping services

Test facilities/laboratories/testing grounds

Sub-contract Machining, Forming, Fabrication engineering

Sub-contract assembly/integration

Parts Manufacturers

Government aviation agencies/regulatory authorities/certification bodies

Universities - aerospace engineering depts.

Aerospace and defense associations & societies

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